Why is your Value

We were walking down the fairway on a sun-filled morning with the ocean screaming into the cliffs to our right. The old man struggling to walk along next to me hesitantly asked, “so what do you do for work that you can afford to play this course at your age?”

At $700 for the privilege, it was a mostly valid question. I’d teased out of him earlier in the morning that this was his bucket list dream for decades and he and his wife were spending 3 nights in the attached lodge for $600 a night.

I ignored the work part of the question, which I thought irrelevant, and said, “Easy! I’m staying in the hostel for the $75 a week rate. You can’t beat a week-long trip to Carmel and a round at Pebble Beach for 800 bucks!”

I could feel the air pressure change from his sudden deflated opinion of me.  Disappointed that I wasn’t some prodigy venture capitalist but rather some dirtbag golfer, we didn’t say much after that.

We both pitied each other. He delayed playing the course for when he was out of his prime because he believed he had to spend over $3000 for the honor of playing the course—and sleeping next to it. Because that is. Just. What. You. Do. But he and I knew he was there for the golf, not the turn-down service.

If people really questioned what they value in things, they would see that things are more attainable than they really think.

Do you value the second home and its accoutrements deep in the woods? Or the solitude and feeling of living like a pioneer in the midst of a winter blizzard? AirBnb can give you the latter, which in most cases is what you truly value, at a life-altering discount.

If you quietly sit in a chair, take a walk, or an extra long shower—with no distractions—and keep asking yourself why you want something until you no longer can break it down further, you’ll get to the core value that you desire. Throw away all the superfluous baggage that society says you need and instead live a life full of your values.

Why is your Value

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